Kenny Rodgers

He thought his career had ended with two gold records to his credit, “Just dropped in to see what your condition was in” and “Ruby Don’t take your love to town”. Almost ten years would pass before I was asked to listen to a test pressing of “Lucille”. I loved it and added it immediately not only on KFI, the most powerful radio station in America, but also on my consulted stations across the nation where a total estimation of six million would also here it in just one week, sending it to the top of the charts and resurrecting his career. Ten more million sellers would follow and Kenny Rogers was a superstar. In thanks he delivered a gold plated million dollar check that would sit on my desk in Los Angeles but be stolen from my desk in of all places, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I would suggest to the local Chamber of Commerce that I could persuade Kenny to do a concert, but they ignored me and my suggestion. Later the president of the Chamber of Commerce would explain, “We just thought you were a name dropper from California”.

Still one of my favorite recording artist and stories. Shown here John Rook, my KFI assistant Roger Collins (Paul Lancaster) and Kenny Rogers. (1978)