Bob Hope

His face was among the worlds best known. In his century of life, Bob Hope would brush against millions, including me.

bob-hopeI was in Dallas recording jingles for WLS on my birthday. Having spent a long day in the studio, it was approaching midnight before I returned to my hotel hoping for a late room service snack and a few winks before catching an early morning flight returning to Chicago.

Rushing through an almost empty lobby, I entered an elevator where one other passenger was glancing at a newspaper.  It was Bob Hope. “Look’s like we’re both cashin’ in”, he said. Explaining my long day and how much I hoped room service would be open, “not the way I had hoped to spend my 30th birthday”, I said. Suggesting the bar on the top floor might have a sandwich, “it’s my treat” he said wishing me a happy birthday. “Well thank you Mr. Hope”, I replied as we departed the elevator walking into a bar with a lonely barkeep. It was only the special consideration given Bob Hope that got me a turkey sandwich and a tall glass of iced tea for each of us. He joked how “reckless” it was taking in liquid at bedtime. “You’ll get there someday too young man”, he said rolling his eyes.

In not much more than 20 minutes we talked about us both being “Buckeyes” and about WLS where he noted George Gobel got his start.

We both yawned in unison.  “Mr. Hope”, I said, “I really must thank you, but I have an early morning flight”. “Me too” he said as he reached out to shake my hand, “but next time call me Bob”.

 Thanks for the memory… Bob

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