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Cecil Heftel bought it, Buzz Bennett gave birth to it,  John Rook consulted it and hired Bill Tanner to create Miami's legendary Y-100

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"One of the great programmers, honest, passionate and powerful.   John has never pulled any punches." - Chuck Blore


"John Rook was absolutely instrumental in my career. I think of him as my radio "Dad". He was more than a great programmer, he was a great teacher, and remains a great friend"  -  Tim Kelly
The Premiere Radio Networks 



It pleases me the rest of the country thinks as highly of you as I do� � Bill Drake


One of  "Most Influential Programmers of the Past 20 Years"  -  Radio & Records


Honored as one of

"Radio's Legends"

Radio & Record Convention - (1998)


Radio Programmer of the Year

Gavin Convention - (1969)


Radio's Man of the Year

Variety Magazine - (1969) 


Radio Consultant of the Year

Poe Convention (1977)


�John Rook�s talent caused me to get him hired out of the market. A classy guy with an abundance of ability, he�s a jewel�.   Ken Palmer - KIMN, Denver  (1965)


Broadcasters have named John Rook Program Director of the Year, he�s considered the architect of WLS�s slick image. � Variety (1969)


�If we could find a dozen more John Rook�s, we would hire them�

Hal Neal Jr., President ABC radio.


�What a true professional John Rook is�

 Walter A. Schwartz, VP WABC


�Yes, that�s John Rook you are hearing on WABC.  Besides being a great director, he�s also a pretty darn good air talent.� 

Bill Gavin (1967)


�And then there�s John Rook at WCFL.  After a five year stint at ABC�s KQV-Pittsburgh, Mr. Rook was brought to WLS in early 1967 as Program Director.  By mid 1968 WLS�s audience had risen to 4.2 million listeners each week and was #1 across the board. Mr. Rook was approached by Lew Witz of WCFL with an offer to counsel WCFL, and hopefully to bring the station in contention with WLS. Six weeks later Super � CFL knocked WLS out of the top position in the ratings war�.            Broadcasting (1972)


John Rook  pulled off a miracle in Chicago with WCFL and he did it in just 22 days.

Meaning, he was only in Chicago personally for 22 days.  This is actually better than WCFL has ever done in it�s many years of trying to beat WLS.  -  Billboard (1972)

 �Very few programmers have your natural ability of knowing what the audience wants before they do.�  

Jack Thayer, WNBC � New York


�Please accept this token of ABC�s appreciation for a job well done.�

Leonard Goldenson,

President ABC, Inc.

The magic of John Rook & Associates is being heard on more and more stations. John has added programmers Tom Bigby from WLS and Paul Kirby from WRKO to help him with his latest additions, KRBE-Houston, WIFI-Philadelphia, WZGC-Cleveland,  KDON-Salinas/Montery, KTLK-Denver, KAFY-Bakersfield, Z-93-Atlanta, KTKT-Tucson, KENO-Las Vegas, KRUX-Phoenix, KROY-Sacramento and WGNG in Providence. -  Gavin Report - 1974 

Superjock Larry LuJack described John Rook as �the greatest program director of our time or any other time.�  ABC executive Bob Henabery is quoted as saying that �Rook understood the importance of doing everything right. He was a masterful Top 40 prgrammer.�

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A stage for many of the nations most celebrated radio star�s, it became "Super CFL" in the early 70�s in one of radio�s great battles when Super Jock Larry Lujack, Big Ron O�Brien and a few others joined me at WCFL


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Contribute NOW to this national landmark, sure to become a tourism magnet for future generations.

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Now in the Radio Hall of Fame, my good friend Larry Lujack gave fuel to my own radio career.   

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Radio for Chuck Blore began at KTKT in Tucson, a decade or so before I became the stations consultant. Gordon McLendon hired Blore to program KTSA in San Antonio and then KELP in El Paso.  His arrival at KFWB-Los Angeles created the highest rated major market radio station ever.  Forming The Chuck Blore Company brought over 500 major awards for commercial excellence.  Chuck is one of a kind � the most creative source in the history of radio.  No one motivates better than Chuck Blore.  

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Bobby Cochran, following in the footsteps of his uncle, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame star Eddie Cochran, writes of those early days when my friend Eddie and I roamed southern California as teenagers. "Three Steps to Heaven" is available at 

Visit Bobby Cochran here and    taste his music here.

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Wink Martindale is a master entertainer of radio and TV game shows.

"Winking at Life" is Wink's life story available at or at his website.

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If you know Wink, then you probably also know pal Ed Lubin who's also a friend of forty years. 

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Bill Young made his mark as one of America's top programmers in radio who now creates great video commercials.

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A trademark voice of radio and  commercials, Kris Erik Stevens delivers. Always energetic, always positive and always a friend....

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Banana Joe

"The Wild Italian" would have been a perfect name for Joe Montione, but it was already taken by Chicago's Dick Biondi. So Y-100 in Flordia gave birth to Banana Joe who would go on to several of the nations legendary stations, including Philadelphia's WFIL.

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Coeur d'Alene


BY John Rook 

As the broadcast licensee of KCDA, I was first in the entire northwest to introduce satellite fed programming to radio stations. The Transtar network was attempting to complete with the much larger Satellite radio network, so we were a prized addition to that fledgling company operating out of Colorado Springs. I think it took only a few days before it was obvious stronger air talent was available via satellite, than I could attempt to mold myself.  Even with my nationally recognized expertise in creating programming, I found myself faced with obstacles that would speed my decision to go satellite.   

My partner, Luke Williams, was a pillar in the Spokane community.  As a pioneer and founder of American Sign, a forerunner of electronic billboards, Luke was a staunch Christian conservative who matched my financial stake in creating our broadcast company. I liked Luke, a good partner and a good friend.  Watching me work for the first few weeks, he tipped, �John, you�re too fast for the class�. Luke�s advice was invaluable and introduction to his friends even more so.  

I was surprised when the publisher of the nearby Spokane Spokesman-Review, Bill Cowles,  invited me to lunch, applauded my stance in providing issues important to the public, directed KCDA be awarded an annual advertising contract from his newspaper and invited me to join their advisory board.

To my way of thinking, satellite fed and local programming were compatible. We proved it when KCDA became far and away the top rated radio station in North Idaho, including the competition from nearby Spokane.  Our little baby fm, with a lesser signal than the giant 100,000 watt Haga-fm, had three times the amount of listeners.  

I personally manned our KCDA booth�s at the county fairs in North Idaho and Spokane and attended the various gatherings to enlist listener comments.  Not once did anyone seem to recognize our disc jockeys were not local. Transtar used our station as a model for clients considering a move to satellite programming. 


                                 Mathew Rook & Garth Brooks

Our Real Country brought out friend Garth Brooks, who took time to furnish grandson Mathew Rook with a great "show and tell" at school.

I was able to purchase Luke�s share of the company and became sole owner of KCDA. I joined in adding a new FM radio station to Casper, Wyoming.  

I also built new radio stations, KEYF in Spokane & KEYW in Pasco, Washington as I began to establish my �Key chain� of stations. I also arranged to add three additional fm stations in the Spokane market in anticipation of congressional action deregulating broadcast ownership rules.  I unveiled a previously unavailable format with Spokane�s Z-Rock and KCDA�s �Real Country�.    

I personally had reservations about a congress accepting millions of dollars from industry contributors to open the floodgates of media monopolization. Control of thought and mind is essential to control of the masses.  I already had witnessed a controlled press in North Idaho, where prior to KCDA most seldom heard the pro�s and con�s of an issue from the Haga-Media.  I spoke out often but deregulation was already a done deal, made in the back rooms of Washington D. C. 

Deregulation of the media was even more destructive than I predicted. Perhaps it would have been best if regulators had not allowed the gang rape that resulted. A feeding frenzy of unethical, illegal actions by public company�s who could afford banks of lawyers to devour anyone offering competition. Within days of congressional passage the nations media was divided up among three controlling billionaires.

 In Spokane, they actually combined their group to total more than a dozen radio stations in one sales package. Three big public companies began acting as one to drive competition out of business. Anti trust laws were clearly broken with the Federal Department of Justice agreeing to follow my civil anti trust suit with one of their own.

Five years later I was out of business, broke from legal fee�s. While the giant publicly traded companies split their legal expense, I was all alone. The Department of Justice delivered a slap on the wrist to the defendant, for a promise they break up the Spokane monopoly.

My stations were divided up among the victors. The system clearly didn't work for the small broadcaster relying on regulatory agencies to police the law.  I learned big business and politicians are in the same bed. I also learned regulatory agencies were controlled by politics...not justice.     

No longer is a report card needed for being a licensee.  The broadcast industry is selling smut and indecency enough that a senate subcommittee is now taking action.  Deregulation of broadcasting is under review.  That of which I have long complained is now being considered.   

Thanks to two democrat FCC commissioners the heat has been turned on the media monopoly's that's killed the smaller radio group owner. .    

My favorite escape has always been the beaches of the Pacific. A close second  would have to be riding the trails and fishing the streams of north Idaho.  I awake every morning in deep appreciation of my "little sliver of paradise", hidden from the harshness of the real world.


                                              John & Missy        


                            John fishin' the St. Joe river

Sister Dottie would come to live with me on the ranch, where her "woman's touch" made quite a difference in many area's. Retirement for both of us has been mostly enjoyable with our dogs, cats and horses allowing us to live with them.


Dottie with Topper & Lilly

Following a lifetime of severe back and leg pain, I finally found relief in revolutionary new laser surgery. For the first time in four decades, I no longer require medication to control the pain. I have no pain at all.

That move to north Idaho more than twenty years ago provided me with many experiences. The southern California I loved in the past is no more, I have little need to return there...the change is too much to bare. Life here in "gods country" is bout' as good as it gets.          


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All Content on this Web site � 2005 John H. Rook
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