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                                                                                         Eddie�s brother Bob Cochran, John Rook, Eddie Cochran and Red Julson


Taken in front of Eddie�s Bell Gardens home in 1957. new Ford station wagon, would be Eddie�s only car, bought for touring purposes.




   Brother Bob Cochran & Eddie, in front of Cochran home at Bell Gardens � 1957 



Eddie's brother Bob Cochran & John Rook, in front of Eddie�s Bell Garden home � 1957




And fifty years later, here's Bobby Cochran, Eddie's nephew who plays a fantastic guitar and John Rook

Taken in Spokane, Washington 8-07




                                                                                          Eddie at home in Bell Gardens 1957              Eddie, age eight


 Connie �Guybo� Smith, Eddie, Jerry Capehart, Bob Bull

Kitchen table of Cochran�s Bell Garden home � 1956


Connie Smith and Bob Bull were Eddie's closest friends in

the 1950's.  Using the name Bob Denton, Bob Bull recorded for Dot

Records.  Here is his "Always Late."




Brother-in-law Ed Julson, Connie Smith, Eddie and mother Alice Cochran

At Bell Gardens kitchen table � 1956 



Eddie with his favorite pistol 



Eddie in the studio with Sharon Sheeley 


Little Richard, Alis Lesley & Eddie in Australia in 1957



                                                                 Eddie, Sharon Sheeley & Jerry Capehart            Eddie Cochran          Jerry, Sharon Sheeley, Eddie      


Eddie, Jack Ames,  Johnny Mann, Si Waronker � 1957



Eddie would be the first to wear leather outfit on stage.

Later Elvis, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Tom Jones would.



Eddie with Paul Anka � 1957



Eddie in 1957 with DJ Red Robinson who was first to program rock n' roll in Canada.



Eddie with his band & John Rook - #1 Singer trophy � 1959



Eddie Cochran on stage, Chadron, Nebraska - 1959  


Our Friend DJ Freeman Hover with Eddie - 1957


John Rook, Eddie Cochran on tour meeting fans


Eddie Cochran on tour with John Rook


Eddie playing piano for fans

                                                                                                               Eddie lights candles on his 21st birthday cake  



Eddie�s last birthday, October 3, 2023



Eddie receiving Key to City of Chadron, Nebraska



Twenty-one Years, six months and fourteen days�and he was gone.


Photo and note from Eddie's Mom to me, six months after his passing




A solid metal plaque marks his grave site at Forest Lawn - Cypress

with the following inscription:


1938 - 1960
"If mere word can console us for the loss of our beloved Eddie then our love for him was a false love."
A Tribute To Our Beloved Eddie Cochran
Heavenly music filled the air That very tragic day. Something seemed to be missing tho I heard the creator say:

 "We need a master guitarist and singer. I know of but one alone. His name is Eddie Cochran. I think I'll call him home."
"I know the folks on earth won't mind for they will understand that the Lord loves perfection. Now we'll have a perfect band."
So as we go through life; now we know perfection is our goal and we strive for this. So when we are called We'll feel free to go.



My favorite Eddie photo, taken behind Bell Gardens home


He signed autographs �Don�t forget me� - his friends haven't

click above to see. 


Little did we know how he would be remembered, but somehow I think he would be very pleased. 






As many know, Eddie Cochran holds a very special spot in my heart. My good friend during the days we were both in our youth is being  honored by his many fans in England.

Eddie would be so pleased. 

Eddie signed thousands of autographs "Don't forget me."

To Eddie's fans in England who regularly contact me and visit this website,  even after all these years. . . . you haven't.

Thank you

John Rook


September 15, 2023

Eddie Cochran
Eddie Cochran

A THREE-DAY festival in memory of rock and roll legend Eddie Cochran gets underway in Chippenham on Friday.

A Celebration of Eddie Cochran's Life and Music will be held in the town, with thousands of music fans expected to attend.

Cochran died at the age of 21 after the car he was travelling in crashed into a lamppost in Rowden Hill in 1960.

On Sunday a �7,000 6ft tall memorial stone made out of black granite and featuring a black and white image of the star clutching his guitar, will be unveiled by Charlie Gracie, who was one of Cochran's closest friends. Gracie was the first solo American rocker to  bring the music to the U.K.

The stone was commissioned by festival organisers Gwen Hale and Ken Hersey, from Bristol, but will be eventually paid for through donations from rock and roll fans. It was made in Italy.

A smaller memorial stone is already located in Rowden Hill, close to the spot where the singer died.

On Sunday a car cruise to Calne Motor Museum is being held from midday, with Charlie Gracie unveiling the statue at 2pm. A concert will be held until midnight.


For more information visit the festival website on