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In 1971, Superjock Larry Lujack described John Rook as "the greatest program director of our time or any other time."  In a 2001 R&R article, former ABC executive Bob Henabery is quoted as saying that "Rook understood the importance of doing everything right. He was a masterful Top 40 programmer."

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Republicans Are Adding Weight to Reversal of F.C.C. Media Rule

July 23, 2023

WASHINGTON, July 22 - Until recent days, the nation's largest media conglomerates had hoped that the House of Representatives would kill the growing political efforts to
overturn their recent deregulation.
� 2003 NY Times

The FCC, that agency intended to promote widespread local ownership of broadcasting facilities and equal-time opportunities on the nation's airwaves, has caved in completely to a handful of wealthy monopolists.

What gives?

 And when is the public going to say "Enough!"?

by Jim Wright, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives


Localism's Last Stand
by William Safire

This growing grass-roots grumbling against giantism is getting through to legislators ordinarily cowed by network-owned station managers or wowed by big-media campaign contributions. Some in-house pollster should awaken President Bush to a bipartisan sleeper issue that could blindside him next year (read)


(July 14, 2023 12:01am) According to a new research poll released today, more Americans are aware of the FCC's decision to loosen media ownership restrictions, and even more believe it will have a negative impact on the country. The Pew Research Center says that Nearly half of Americans (48%) say they have heard a lot (12%) or a little (36%) about the issue. In February, only about a quarter of the public (26%) knew even a little about the plan. People who are most familiar with the FCC plan have an overwhelmingly negative opinion of it. By roughly ten-to-one (70%-6%), those who have heard a lot about the rules change say its impact will be negative, not positive ...more on the study here...

SCANDALS & Scoundrels

Again, FCC chairman Michael Powell refuses to answer questions about a new scandal uncovered by the Center for Public Integrity.

The FCC's Strange Non-Profit 
Powell runs venture capital firm that claims it's private.

Read how he controls funds from those he is expected to regulate.  Outrageous!
(click to read)

All of the latest news concerning Media Monopolization (read)

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Darkness lights deregulation issue (read)

Race to the Bottom --  �When we allow complaints to languish for a year, the message is loud and clear that the FCC is not serious about enforcing our nation�s laws.  Congress expected action from the FCC, but all too often our citizens� complaints are ignored.�  (read)

My late good friend Bill Gavin was a man of great ethics not given to retreat when faced with opposition.  Recognizing my own steps of going against the flow, he cautioned me to be prepared for a chorus of dissention, but that time usually proves one�s point (read)

Payola illegal, except for FCC chairman Michael Powell (read)

"Rush is full of _ _ _ _ " (read)

A measure introduced by U.S. Sen. John McCain bans industry-sponsored travel by FCC commissioners and staff, according to a statement from the senator�s office. Five years ago we began providing documentation to both Senators MCain and Hollings, showing this terrible conflict of interest not only from FCC staff, but with most elected officials. It wasn't until the Center for Public Integrity got involved with this issue that it finally begin to receive the attention needed (read)

Clear Channelized

This (FCC) chairman, known for his inability to work with and/or get along with others, continues to blame everyone else for his own shortcomings. His apple falls far from the tree of his seemly diplomatic father. Powell 2 is a lightweight who could never have been considered for a big paying government job at the Department of Justice or the Federal Communications Commission were it not for affirmative action. He has no appreciation of those who don't march to the beat of his drum. Damn!  They were right! (read)

Ted Turner jumps ship, warns against FCC deregulation (read) 

Former President Bill Clinton: The FCC also opened the door to local TV-newspaper mergers in many places, so you'll be getting your news and information from the same company regardless of whether you're turning on the TV or opening the newspaper. Why is this bad? (read)

John Nichols and Josh Silver: The Federal Communications Commission voted 3 to 2 to meet the demands of big communications corporations. Rigorously opposed by consumer, religious, labor, community and public interest groups across the country, FCC Chairman Michael Powell warped the decision-making process to deliver a result allowing conglomerates to buy up hundreds of newspapers, television and radio stations in communities across the United States. Competition, diversity and local content will be undermined in local markets and nationally. The FCC's decision was the product of a corrupt process that was awash in special-interest money, and that saw industries that are supposed to be regulated telling the regulators how to proceed (read) 

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e-mail U.S. House Members
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Complaints - On line to the FCC

Mel�s Media Message



Larry Flynt and Jerry Springer weren�t invited to attend the telecommunications summit recently held in Aspen Colorado .  The marquee indicated the event was organized by the Progress and Freedom Foundation, a Washington DC think tank.  Missing yes, but both Larry and Jerry were there in the spirit of Viacom/Infinity�s Mel Karmazin, who used the stage to take credit for his company�s socially redeeming contributions, Howard Stern and The Osbournes.  Why he didn�t include Opie and Anthony and Deminsky & Doyle in his list of accomplishments, is the surprise.  Both have surpassed the vulgarity of Stern and Ozzie�s family. In fact, the Detroit duo of D&D have been awarded top billing in broadcasting's decline to slime, with FCC commissioner Michael Copps saying their programming was the �most vulgar and disgusting indecency� he had ever heard since joining the toothless agency.


Mel�s adult book store of radio is better suited for Viacom�s cable distribution than on the public�s airwaves.  With a lifetime of sales in his veins, Karmazin has proven for years that dollars are more important to him than decency.  He�s Wall Street�s Flynt and Springer.


Prior to FCC chairman Michael Powell�s arrival, the agency penalized broadcast licensee�s who fed the fine meter.  Owners who pushed the limits on indecency seldom were given the right to add more stations to their stable.  Licenses were denied and instead rewarded to those who passed the FCC review board and demonstrated a commitment to provide quality programming. Mel seems oblivious to the number of red flags Infinity has received from the agency responsible for granting additional licensees.

�It�s really cool to trash the media�, complains Karmazin responding to setbacks in his need for congressional and public acceptance.  He should know�he�s been feeding the media trash for years.





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