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  Eddie  Cochran

     Here's "More Eddie Photo's"

My friend Eddie Cochran, an early inductee into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, was an extraordinarily talented guitarist, singer and songwriter who influenced later artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many others.

Read Graham Pugh's  "The Truth About Eddie Cochran"

Remember Eddie Cochran here

The Eddie Cochran Online Tribute Center is here





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"A Slice of Pie & Howard's"     Pie Traynor, Howard K. Smith,   Howard Cosell   


   "Mick & The Rolling Stones"


  "Thanks for theMemory "                Bob Hope, Nat King Cole                  


               "WLS Bound"  and the WABC strike of 1967.

         "The Big 89 - WLS"



Cecil Heftel bought it, Buzz Bennett gave birth to it,  John Rook consulted it and hired Bill Tanner to create Miami's legendary Y-100  



             "I love LA - 64 KFI"  


        "KABC  - Talk Radio's First

"For More Than A Decade"  it was top rated in Tucson. One of my most successful station's in a favorite city


A stage for many of the nations most celebrated radio star’s, it became "Super CFL" in the early 70’s in one of radio’s great battles when Super Jock Larry Lujack, Big Ron O’Brien, Paul Kirby, Kris Erik Stevens and a few others joined me at Super CFL


My little slice of Paradise




 John's Poetry Page




A Tribute to Bill Gavin here

My wise friend Bill said, "Sharing           life's experiences with the generations  that follow is probably the most important thing we can do."

I think of him often when writing on these pages.


Web Radio

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Radio's Rich "Brother" Robbin  creates oldies radio like it should be. Streaming on the web here

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Rewind with Jimmy Jay as he interviews and features recent photos of the Superstars of early rock here

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  Southern California beach conditions

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"One of the great programmers, honest, passionate and powerful.   John has never pulled any punches." -

 Chuck Blore


"John Rook was absolutely instrumental in my career. I think of him as my radio "Dad". He was more than a great programmer, he was a great teacher, and remains a great friend"  - 

 Tim Kelly

The Premiere Radio Networks 



It pleases me the rest of the country thinks as highly of you as I do” –  Bill Drake


One of  "Most Influential Programmers of the Past 20 Years"  -  Radio & Records


Honored as one of

"Radio's Legends"

Radio & Record Convention - (1998)


Radio Programmer of the Year

Gavin Convention - (1969)


Radio's Man of the Year

Variety Magazine - (1969) 


Radio Consultant of the Year

Poe Convention (1977)


“John Rook’s talent caused me to get him hired out of the market. A classy guy with an abundance of ability, he’s a jewel”. Ken Palmer - KIMN, Denver  (1965)


Broadcasters have named John Rook Program Director of the Year, he’s considered the architect of WLS’s slick image. – Variety (1969)


“If we could find a dozen more John Rook’s, we would hire them”

Hal Neal Jr., President ABC radio.


“What a true professional John Rook is”

 Walter A. Schwartz, VP WABC


Yes, that’s John Rook you are hearing on WABC.  Besides being a great director, he’s also a pretty darn good air talent.” 

Bill Gavin (1967)


“And then there’s John Rook at WCFL.  After a five year stint at ABC’s KQV-Pittsburgh, Mr. Rook was brought to WLS in early 1967 as Program Director.  By mid 1968 WLS’s audience had risen to 4.2 million listeners each week and was #1 across the board. Mr. Rook was approached by Lew Witz of WCFL with an offer to counsel WCFL, and hopefully to bring the station in contention with WLS. Six weeks later Super – CFL knocked WLS out of the top position in the ratings war”.      Broadcasting (1972)


John Rook  pulled off a miracle in Chicago with WCFL and he did it in just 22 days.

Meaning, he was only in Chicago personally for 22 days.  This is actually better than WCFL has ever done in it’s many years of trying to beat WLS.  -  Billboard (1972)

 “Very few programmers have your natural ability of knowing what the audience wants before they do.”  

Jack Thayer, WNBC – New York


“Please accept this token of ABC’s appreciation for a job well done.”

Leonard Goldenson,

President ABC, Inc.

The magic of John Rook & Associates is being heard on more and more stations. John has added  Paul Kirby from WRKO to help him with his latest additions, KRBE-Houston, WIFI-Philadelphia, WZGC-Cleveland,  KDON-Salinas/Montery, KTLK-Denver, KAFY-Bakersfield, Z-93-Atlanta, KTKT-Tucson, KENO-Las Vegas, KRUX-Phoenix, KROY-Sacramento and WGNG in Providence. -  Gavin Report - 1974 

Superjock Larry LuJack described John Rook as “the greatest program director of our time or any other time.”  ABC executive Bob Henabery is quoted as saying that “Rook understood the importance of doing everything right. He was a masterful Top 40 programmer.”

Source: ReelRadio.com
            Rook's Radiography


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    440: Satisfaction gives a complete rundown on those who made contributions to radio over the years.

Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people. 

Spotlight on....

A salute to those who deserve recognition


     If a major disaster hits        Are you ready?

Click here to find out


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San Francisco Radio History


St.Louis Radio










Jeff Roteman's Radioville

Award winning website

Pittsburgh/Chicago radio




Brian Maloney's "Radio Equalizer"


Jerry Del Colliano, founder of  "Inside Radio" continues to speak out at "Inside Music Media" here



 with George Noory

Jerry Doyle

Michael Savage

Bill Press

Museum of Broadcast Communications

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        Some friends....    

    Now in the Radio Hall of Fame, my good friend Larry Lujack gave fuel to my own radio career.   

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Radio for Chuck Blore began at KTKT in Tucson, a decade or so before I became the stations consultant. Gordon McLendon hired Blore to program KTSA in San Antonio and then KELP in El Paso.  His arrival at KFWB-Los Angeles created the highest rated major market radio station ever.  Forming The Chuck Blore Company brought over 500 major awards for commercial excellence.  Chuck is one of a kind – the most creative source in the history of radio.  No one motivates better than Chuck Blore.  Visit him here

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Bobby Cochran, following in the footsteps of his uncle, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame star Eddie Cochran, writes of those early days when my friend Eddie and I roamed southern California as teenagers. "Three Steps to Heaven" is available at Amazon.com 

Visit Bobby Cochran and taste his music here.

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Wink Martindale is a master entertainer of radio and TV game shows.

"Winking at Life" is Wink's life story available at Amazon.com or at his website here.

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It's where Rock n' Roll began, a combination of white and black gospel, old and new country, doo-wop, blues,  western cowboy and pop music at Shelby Singleton's Sun Records.   

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Bill Young made his mark as one of America's top programmers in radio who now creates great video commercials. Visit him here

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The Pew Research Center

    Share The Truth   

Truth or Fiction  

Urban Legends

Hoax Busters

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After years of badgering him, my friend

Chuck Blore has finally written his book.

Radio folks will love it, "Okay, Okay,

 I wrote the book"

is now available at Amazon.com

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Welcome Scott Shannon

Legendary radio programmer Scott Shannon has accepted an invitation to join the nominating committee of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.  In making the announcement, project creator John Rook said, “Scott’s appreciation of recording artists lives through his “True Oldies,” a nationally syndicated stage where the music of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame is heard round the clock.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to The Hit Parade Hall of Fame.”




The Hit Parade Hall of Fame nominating committee has

little difficulty in naming yearly recipients with so many

from various genres of recorded music to choose from.

Nominated for 2012 are:

Aerosmith, Jan & Dean, Jimi Hendrix,

Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane/Starship

The Letterman, Ronnie Milsap, Staple Singers,

Steely Dan, Ray Stevens, The Turtles

and Dinah Washington.


Once nominated, the vote of fans can propel an artist to be

inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame following any one

of three years of eligibility.

New nominees are announced during the second week of

February each year.

Inductees into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame are named

during the second week of January each year.


= = = = =


Winner of six Grammy’s her “At Last”

has become today’s wedding song.

Etta James has died in Riverside, California.

She was 73.

= = = = =


Patti Page today


Happy 84th birthday to Hit Parade Hall of Fame

inductee, Patti Page, still performing and

 sounding fantastic to sold out audiences

with her dozens of million sellers,

including the multi-million seller,

" Tennessee Waltz".


= = = = =



George Wilson's Memory Tunes is now available for

the whole world to hear via WiFi radio.

Congrats George, nice being able to hear programming

 not available on AM or FM these days and it being

created by one of America's great programmers.


Radio's "Ross on Radio" sez this about Memory Tunes


- - - - -



Delighted to see Bob Pittman moves

to CEO at Clear Channel.

He's a class act.

= = = = =


Glen Campbell


In his new song, “A Better Place,” Glen Campbell sings,

“I need the ones I love Lord/More and more each day.”

The lyric is more personal than you might know as Glen

at 75 years of age reveals he has Alzheimer’s disease.

He and his wife Kim decided to go public with Glen’s

diagnosis because he’s hoping to say farewell

with a final slate of live performances this fall.


Glen Campbell is an inductee of the

Hit Parade Hall of Fame .


= = = = =


Rick Dees

Rick Dees returned to the Los Angeles airwaves via

Clear Channel’s KHHT (Hot 92.3 in the morning slot.


Already holding down the top three positions in the

ratings, (KIIS, KOST & KFI) Clear Channel adds Rick

to mornings on a format featuring much of the music

he first introduced to Angelino's .


= = = = =



Along with Bill Ballance, Bruce Hayes, Al Jarvis,

Joe Yocum, B. Mitchell Reid and Elliott Field, he was

one of Chuck Blores "Seven Swinging Gentlemen" as they

captured the top slot in the ratings during the late 50's in

Los Angeles. Some may recall his daily sign off as he wished

his listeners "Blue Skies and Green Lights".

Ted Quillin has died at 81 years of age in Las Vegas.

A "Celebration Of His Life" will take place at the

 Red Rock Casino in the Penthouse on Charleston Blvd,

in Las Vegas on April 30 from 11 am to 1 pm


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Hard to believe its been just 50 years since the Federal

Communications Commission authorized regular

FM stereo broadcasting.

 = = = = =


Bill Young reignites memories and adds to the knowledge   of those  early years when - - like a magnet - -radio was largely responsible for bringing change to our society.

His book, "Dead Air" is beautifully written, a must read.

- - - - -

Bob Dearborn "The Olde Disc Jockey" has a great website. His daily quiz provides fuel to my mind. 

Can't wait to see John Travolta as John Gotti in a film scheduled for this year.

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Rush Limbaugh answers....

Would Top 40 Radio Work Today?


 - - - -


The Last of the Pioneers

John Kluge dies

= = = = =


She’s one of the most knowledgeable hosts on talk radio.

Knowing more about almost any subject than her

counterparts, Rollye James

 “What am I doing here,” tells “the rest of the

story” about many of radio's most celebrated characters

and also gives the reader many lessons in radio

history plus a dose of inspiration that's

sorely needed not only in radio but in society

as a whole these days.


 "What am I doing here"

 by Rollye James can be ordered here.




It’s a labor of love for Sharon Sheeley’s son as he

tells the story of her remarkable life in

“Summertime Blues, a true rock and roll

adventure with Eddie Cochran. "

Eight years following her passing, Sharon's

son Shannon shares his mothers life as a

very successful songwriter and friend of

the stars of early rock.


Order it from Amazon here


= = = = =

Al Martino

For more than 50 years I counted him my friend.

A true gentleman, he was one of the most

naturally gifted singers I've ever known.

It's been almost a year since Al Martino died

at 82 years of age.

Just a few days before his sudden passing

Al was in the recording studio, his unmistakable

voice was as powerful as ever as he paid

tribute of his wife Judi with a haunting

melody that could be a big favorite

among senior married couples.

This isn't a time when a Al Martino

recording can find airplay on radio.

That's why I've presented it here.

"Thank you" pal, I miss you.


= = = = =


Talk radio continues to be the truth teller about politics

and the economy. As noted many months ago the dreaded

“d” word warned by talksters has finally found its way in

the rest of the media.


History is well on its way to repeating the hardship

of the 30's, only this time a society raised in an era

of abundance will find the future more than they

can weather.


Far more than has been experienced by most of the

population thus far, some very tough days are ahead

and talk radio has been the guiding light.


= = = = =


Eddie Cochran


Fifty Years and we still

 “Don’t Forget” him.


Unlike most of the world today, America is transfixed on

youth. Those names of the past largely go unnoticed in

our society. It’s a change from how it was during a time

when some of us recall history was taught in schools and

we appreciated learning about earlier times.

Now America concentrates on little past last Saturday.


In foreign society, it’s a much different world where

those names of the past continue to be recognized.

So it was when the BBC paid tribute to my close friend

 of all those years ago, Eddie Cochran, an early

 inductee in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, who died

fifty years ago this week in a terrible car

crash in England.


During a moving hour long tribute to him, the BBC report

told of how he influenced dozens of rock’s biggest names

including , Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Who

and Rod Stewart, youthful fans of Eddie Cochran.


Largely because he and many rock recording stars of the

50’s he introduced me too might benefit, Eddie

encouraged me to enter a career in radio, giving up

traveling with him that would have placed me in

the same car in which he died at just 21 years of age.


Ironic that he would sign every autograph with

 “Don’t Forget Me”

and how following the death of his friend

Buddy Holly, Eddie instructed me what to do

 should the same fate be his.


Memories of my days with Eddie are here

Photo’s are here ,the BBC tribute is here

and England's The Sun is here.


I miss you pal....



= = = = =


Ron Alexenburg welcomes Hit Parade Hall of Fame

 Inductee Lou Christie during his recent appearance

at the North Folk Theatre at Westbury.

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Now we know why - The tail of two Brains here   


Ready for an escape ?

Take a few minutes, return to the 60's here

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