(Save Our Sovereignty)


A year or so ago while blade skating on the beachfront in San Diego, I passed a group of four Anglo workmen and one Mexican, pouring a large slab of concrete in the front yard of an upper scale home. It was a freeze frame of the big picture.

          As I watched, it was time for one of them to slog through the concrete in hip waders. and do the final mix. That man would be the Mexican.

Mexicans are hard workers. That�s the good part, the bad part: the border is a sieve. Osama bin Ladin may actually be hiding in San Antonio for all we know.

Why hasn�t the Bush administration done something to control the border?  Why has President Bush been so inactive in the face of this crisis?  It makes no sense until you consider what Jerome Corsi and Jim Gilchrist have written, a book called �The  Minutemen.�  It chronicles the secret actions of Bush, Vicente Fox, and Paul Martin , Prime Minister of Canada, who have allegedly formed a  shadow coalition called the Security and Prosperity Partnership, The SSP, aimed at erasing the borders between the  three countries, without public disclosure or Congressional oversight..

I have written previously about the virtues of a trading bloc running from Canada to Tierra del Fuego in South America., but in my vision, all nations retain their sovereignty. Bush�s plan, if true, eliminates our sovereignty, abolishing our country as we know it..

The first step by the president is already taking place. NASCO, The North America Super Corridor Coalition is well under way with plans to construct a super highway running from the city of Lazaro Cardenas in southern Mexico through the former American border station  at Laredo, on the way to Kansas City, which will be  the official U.S. port of entry, and finally to Canada. Laredo will wind up being just a road bump.

When the trucks start rolling out of Mexico, the west coast ports of the United States will be rendered irrelevant. This Bush plan, if true, eliminates thousands of American jobs: longshoremen, dock workers, truck drivers and countless other workers, too numerous to list here.

Long Beach will no longer exist as the major U.S. port of entry, yet we hear nothing in protest. from California Senators Feinstein and Boxer who should be raising hell over this.. Why aren�t more Congressmen publicly alarmed? 

          Pat Buchanan has just written a best selling book called, � State of Emergency, the Third World Invasion and Conquest of America.� In it, he describes the influx of some 150,000 Mexicans flooding the out-of control border each month. He says that �Attrition� is the solution. He says that Pols do not want to stop the flow of cheap labor, the potential new voting bloc and the thousands of potential new consumers. He projects 150,000,000 Mexicans in this country by 2020, most of them without citizenship. Recent polls, conducted in Mexico reveal that most Mexican immigrants do not want citizenship, only the benefits.

Meanwhile, legislation calling for the construction of a 700 mile border wall was passed by the Congress  a few days ago, only to be Bush-whacked by Senate Leader Frist and Speaker Hastert, who punctured the bill with gaping loopholes which would enable the Bush administration to slide on actually building it. 

 Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado, has written a book titled, �In Mortal Danger.� that is being well received, demanding to know what the Bush administration is up to. He expressed outrage upon hearing about the Bush-whacking of the wall, giving rise to a rumor not denied by himself, that he may create a third party..

Some Congressmen, finally aroused to the perils facing this country, are adding their voices to the demand that the president reveal his plans concerning the border.

Rep Mike Rogers R- Ala, chairman of the Sub-committee on Management, Integration, and Oversight of the House committee wrote the Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, �requesting� detailed disclosure of working groups in the Security and Prosperity Partnership office, operating secretly within his own bailiwick.

In his memorandum, one of the questions Rogers asked of the Attorney General was, �Under what congressional action are these working groups constituted?�

Another question is,� Are there working groups reclaiming American Laws to make them tri-lateral?�

If you are alarmed by what you have read, add your voice to the growing thousands, aroused at the prospect of this country losing its sovereignty. Write a letter to the President. No E-mail, a letter. The White house pays more attention to letters.

Make your letter simple, in your own words. Simply ask the president to make a  public disclosure about his plans to create a �shadow� trilateral bureaucracy between Canada and Mexico ..

            The letter should be addressed to President George W Bush

The White House,

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington, D.C. 20500


On the bottom left hand side of the envelope, print �SOS,  Save our Sovereignty.� 

�SOS! Save our Sovereignty� is the rallying cry. Pass it on

The Real World Solution, Attrition. Pat Buchanan is right.

It�s the good old American tradition of letting the market perform.

Gain physical control of the border.

Issue biometric ID�s to the Immigrants, keeping track of them while here.

Emphasis must be placed on learning English, gaining citizenship and taking seriously the privileges of living here.  

Eliminate all the perks of living here, i.e.: health care, and education.

Humane emergency health care remains, paid for by the federal government.

Eliminate automatic citizenship for those children born here of non-citizens.

We create jobs based on our needs, not theirs.

In time, those who cannot make a living here will return to their homes.


I know this solution is a shock to the �Reconquistas� bent on revenge over the loss of the western states in the mid 1800�s Mexican War.

Let me give you the Full Monty, short for Montezuma.

Montezuma�s Revenge is a bunch of crap.